Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here's 3 minutes I'll never get back

5-30-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [Maliki] is still in, I don't think he's going anywhere. There will always be someone trying to take him out, but I think time has proven him to be a pretty stubborn character.   ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

Really Adam?  What politician DOESN'T have someone trying to take them out?  Thanks for clearing up the obvious (and for the massive waste of time it was responding to your stupid post).

Work in progress

5-30-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  Maliki has had discussions and it sounds like the intent is to deal with Article 140 very soon, but it has not actually been completed...this would indeed be...GREAT...IF the border disputes were actually 100% complete. They are not actually complete...I am anxious to see it done...but at this time it is still "in progress".  ["continued in post 5...stay tuned"]

All in all, this appears to be an intelligent post.  Even a broken clock is right for 2 seconds out of every day.  So what is Article 140?  It has to do with the province of Kirkuk and some other disputed territories.  In a nut shell, they want borders, and they want their territories to be recognized.  You can find out everything you want on Article 140 by doing a google search.  What you won't find is how Article 140 has anything to do with the RV.   I guess one can make the argument that once all of this is completed  Iraq is one step closer to an RV.  But I guess I can make that argument about anything can't I?  Iraq plans on increasing oil production.  That means we're one step closer to the RV!   Iraq just found a whole lot of gold they didn't know they had.  The RV is right around the corner now baby!  Iraq is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2042!  You think they want to host the World Cup with a worthless currency!?  No Way!  Go RV!

This is the danger of Adam Montana.  Occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, he appears to be very intelligent and "in the know."  He shows up and posts some bovine excriment about Article 140, Ebril, HCL, and bla bla bla, all to make it seem as though he knows what he's talking about when it comes to Iraq and their mythical RV.

Talk about pointless

5-31-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The signatures...are not actually on Article 140, they are on a separate document that only states the intent to agree on the implementation of Article 140.  Regardless, it's a good sign...It will indeed smooth the way forward for the HCL and a further raise in the value of the Dinar, which is what we all want to see.

Sounds like they're having a meeting so that they can have a meeting.  Thanks for pointing this out, Adam.  I feel so much better being fully aware of the signature situation too, especially since it has no effect on the raise in value of the dinar.

How to say nothing with a lot of words

5-30-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  not much new to report OTHER THAN a possibility of Article 140 being pushed through, which would be very positive for the HCL and therefore also positive for our investment.  Maliki is still on his throne, Chapter 7 has not been released, and the HCL is still in limbo.  Iraq has and continues to make progress towards a higher valued Dinar. Nothing has happened to make me less confident in the Iraqi Dinar, so therefore it is my opinion that we're looking for a positive outcome.  ["continued in post 2...stay tuned"]

Other than NOTHING being accomplished you're still confident? Sounds good to me.  Is this the kind of intel you get with a VIP membership?

Adam Montana is a Lopster?

5-30-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  Everyone has to understand that even if the Dinar doesn't immediately go from 1170:1 to 1:1, it can still raise slowly to that value. If it takes a few years to get there, you still make "patience is a virtue" here...obviously we prefer a quick RV to a slow grow, but I'm happy either way. ["continued in post 4...stay tuned"]

Hey Adam, NEWS FLASH!!  This is what the "lopsters" have been saying all along you idiot.  If by some miracle Iraq doesn't LOP, then the only way we are going to make money is by a slow gradual rise in value.

You'd be happy either way huh?  I bet you'd be happier with the "few years to get there" scenario so you can continue to milk that VIP membership scam you have going on.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Opinions and buttholes

5-24-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   in my opinion, we aren't looking at an impending collapse. I don't think we're going to lose money here, and I don't think Iraq is going to lose money either.  I know a lot of people get fed up with waiting, and sometimes impatience can lead to negative thinking... I just go back to my core beliefs in the country making progress? YES. Are they fixing problems? YES. Has the value of the Dinar already gone up? YES. Do I think they will keep doing this? YES, YES, YES.

Are the banks trading dinar?  NO.  Are the banks calling the dinar a scam?  Some (some don't care to even acknowledge the existence of the dinar).  Have the gurus ever been right about anything?  NO.  Have the gurus been saying the same exact thing for years now?  YES.

Silly rabbits

5-24-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  some l0psters...say "it sounds like you're saying all Iraqis will be making $300,000 per year suddenly! That's silly!".   No, that's not what we are saying or even thinking. We understand that a janitor will not be making $200,000 per year after a major raise in the value. The CASH IN THEIR POCKET would be worth more, but once that is gone they are going to be receiving regular paychecks at the adjusted rate and they will be receiving the redenominated notes as change when they buy something like bread or meat.   ["continued in post 7...stay tuned"]

I'm guessing the above post is in response to Adam Montana realizing that he's a bumbling moron for making the following post that only a bumbling moron would make (also addressed HERE on this blog):

5-17-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana "PM Maliki given 2 weeks to implement Erbil agreement"...That two weeks is almost we're going to see how serious Barzani, Allawi, al-Nujafi, and Talabani are. HCL is VERY important to an RV! And last but not least, the Tariff discussion... if the Iraqi peoples are going to remain in poverty ($3000 average income per year, why would Iraq worry about tariffs? A tariff is a tax (government revenue) on an import or export. In all likelihood, this "tariff" issue is designed to tax imports, which not many Iraqis can currently afford. If the value of the currency raises, they will be buying goods, and they will be paying the tariffs. ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

Oh OK, so it's the "CASH IN THEIR POCKET" that will bring them out of poverty.  So what about the tariffs? How will they be able to afford the tariffs once the "CASH IN THEIR POCKETS" is gone? 

Keep the change

5-24-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  There's a lot of confusion on the whole "redenomination" thing. The simplest way to understand it is this: If the value raises to 1:1, then the average Iraqi has more money in his pocket. They can't eat a Mercedes, so they will still need to buy smaller items like bread and meat.  When they buy bread and meat, they will need to get change - bread isn't suddenly going to go up to $4000 per loaf!  Therefore, if the value raised to 1:1 they would need to immediately introduce smaller denominations into the market.   ["continued in post 6...stay tuned"]

While I generally make it a point to avoid responding to incoherent, blathering idiots, Adam Montana has obviously made that impossible.  I'll give it my best shot though.

How does the average Iraqi have more money in their pocket if the value raises 1:1?  The only way an Iraqi has more money is if that Iraqi has money in savings.  How likely is that?  Do a quick google search on Americans and their savings.  I found one source that said the average American saves like $367 a year, and the average American's savings account balance is $3,800.  So are we supposed to believe that the average Iraqi, from an average 3rd world, war torn country, is going to have any significant amount of money in savings?  Doubtful.  And what the #%&$ does a Mercedes have to do with anything?  

How much is a loaf of bread in Iraq?  According to this website it's 1,329.24 dinars (1.14 X 1166).  Why does it take sooo many dinars to purchase a loaf of bread?  I'm no Harvard grad, but I bet it has something to do with the hyperinflation that Iraq experienced in previous years.  What causes hyperinflation?  Hyperinflation results from a rapid and continuing increase in the supply of money, which occurs when a government prints money or creates credits in bank accounts.  So can someone explain to me how flooding the Iraqi economy with trillions of dollars via an RV won't create hyperinflation, thus leaving Iraq in the same position they are in right now?  A loaf of bread may not be $4,000, but it will be darn close.

Same old crap, different day

5-24-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The UN has the final say on Chapter 7 - they can lift or maintain it at their discretion.  Iraq has requested repeatedly to be removed from it, and only recently has the resistance to that request been weakening. Chapter 7 has many parts, and currently Iraq is only under a few remaining articles of it. The important articles, the ones that really hold things back, are the ones that pertain to WMDs [weapons of mass destruction]...since Iraq is not able to use WMDs (nukes etc) if they Revalue with no real ability to defend themselves against a SERIOUS threat, it would be like you walking into a dark alley full of gun-weilding thugs...with a pocket full of cash...with only a stick to protect yourself.  Chapter 7 is stopping them from that.  ["continued in post 5...stay tuned"]

OK, I thought we covered this already.  I sometimes forget that I am dealing with Adam Montana and a plethora of mindless followers, so a little review isn't going to kill us.  Here is a link to an article published by Fox News back in December 2010.

Here is an excerpt from that article stating that the resolutions banning Iraq from using or developing WMD's has already been terminated.

The resolution approved Wednesday terminates provisions of two resolutions adopted in 1991 under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter -- which is militarily enforceable -- banning Iraq from using, developing, constructing or acquiring nuclear, chemical and biological weapons or material to make them and ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 kilometers.

Where is Adam Montana getting his intel, because I'm getting mine from Google.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Scam Alert!!

5-18-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Myth - The Dinar is a Scam: we are talking about the current actual currency of a foreign nation. This foreign nation has gajillions of dollars of potential based on their current economic growth, political progress, and natural resources. This currency, the Iraqi Dinar, has gone up in value since it dramatically crashed, and in all likelihood will continue to do so. In fact, it has the potential to dramatically increase in value! The Iraqi Dinar may not increase 1000% overnight, but in my's going to keep going up. More importantly...I like the potential to not only make good money, but to make a LOT of good money. It's like having a lottery ticket that never expires! Summary - the Dinar is not a scam, it is a currency. If you hold authentic notes, you have not been "scammed".

Gajullions of dollars huh?  Political progress?  Aren't they about to throw out the prime minister?  Some are even suggesting that he is pushing them into a civil war.  Yeah, sounds stable to me.  And natural resources?  OK, they have oil, and uhhhhhh.......sand?  Here's a better question for you. Why don't you mention all of the money you made with the Kuwaiti RV to back up your point? Why not mention all of your experience as a financial adviser, or your Harvard education to back up your point? I love all of your "in my opinion", and "it has potential" crap, as if that's somehow going to exonerate you from any wrong doing. Douchebag


Fuzzy math, again

Sam I Am just owns this guy!

5-17-2012  Adam Montana - If they don't plan on raising the value - why would they change anything?! If they l0p, they lose money. Without a raise in value, they shouldn't redenominate. Since they plan on redenominating, they must be planning on raising the value to cover the expenses of said redenomination, and when the value raises - WE make money. This is and always will be one of my main reasons and arguments for staying the course.

Okay I know you're a Harvard grad and all, but I've seen your math in the past so I know you're not too good in this area.  Allow me.  They've got 30 trillion dinar, right?  And the cost of a redenomination is $150 million?  So if they raise the value by $.000005 that will pay for the RD.  (An equivalent amount post-RD would be $.005.) 

x               $.000005

So we make money on an RV of $.000005? Dude that won't even fill up my gas tank let alone cover the spread on my dinar purchases.


The 3,000 dollar a year millionaires

5-17-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana "PM Maliki given 2 weeks to implement Erbil agreement"...That two weeks is almost we're going to see how serious Barzani, Allawi, al-Nujafi, and Talabani are. HCL is VERY important to an RV! And last but not least, the Tariff discussion... if the Iraqi peoples are going to remain in poverty ($3000 average income per year, why would Iraq worry about tariffs? A tariff is a tax (government revenue) on an import or export. In all likelihood, this "tariff" issue is designed to tax imports, which not many Iraqis can currently afford. If the value of the currency raises, they will be buying goods, and they will be paying the tariffs. ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

The first thing we need to understand is that the RV does absolutely nothing for the typical Iraqi.  They will make the same amount of money before and after an RV.  For example, lets say Habeeb makes 50 US dollars per day shoveling horse manure (much like Adam Montana).  After the RV, how much will Habeeb's boss pay him for his day's wages?  I betcha he pays him $50.  Get the picture?  The RV does nothing for the Iraqi people.  So how in the world is an RV going to help the Iraqi people afford to pay tariffs?  News flash - IT'S NOT!   The only Iraqis that will benefit from an RV will be those who have dinar in savings, and that's if they don't get killed by their tribe on the way to cash it in.


Buckets of Cash, Mountians of Debt

5-2-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana If we think that everyone will go to the bank and walk out with a wheelbarrow or bucket full of cash, then...Iraq needs to have it all saved up and ready to pay out. Since that won't happen, we can allow for a credit system JUST LIKE THE USA has. We don't have enough gold our cash to cover all the 0's in all of our accounts and our debt, yet the "money" still exists. Iraq will work the same way. ["continued in post 4...stay tuned"]

 Ok, the only problem with that is an RV of any magnitude will possibly create more money for Iraq than exists in the entire world.  More money than is in the entire world will be in the hands of a nation with a GDP of just over 100 million dollars.  You don't need a credit system, you just need a handful of idiots to believe what you're saying so they will pay for their VIP membership.

5-2-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Kuwait was owed major amounts of money and nobody was going to let Iraq out from under that obligation until it was satisfied. It isn't 100% paid, but the MAJORITY of that debt has been taken care of. Again - it's a VERY good thing for us to see these things! ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

Why not just RV the currency in order to pay off the debt?


I love this response to what appears to be a pretty good question during one of Adam's chat sessions:

[kcw] DiNaR DoCtOr Would an Erbil agreement mean that Erbil and Sulimaya(sp?) balance sheet information, most importantly assets) be consolidated with the financial statements on the CBI website?

Page 10 of 36 on the 2010 financial statements has a note that indicates that the CBI financial statements do not include the balance sheet information from the two branches.

They report to the KRG, and if I am not mistaken the Erbil branch most likely has a significantly larger amount of assets.
[Adam Montana] It could, but keep in mind that the CBI has no real legal obligation to accurately report anything in any of their reports. Is it important for them to do so? Absolutely! Do I expect them to do so? :lol: Not really
[Adam Montana] next please!

The CBI who reports to the IMF has no legal obligation to accurately report anything? Makes sense.

Mathematics has never been one of Harvard's strong suits

Here's another post from Sam I Am at Dinar Douchebags

LOL!!!  I just got an email from Adam listing all of the positive developments in Iraq over the past year.  #5 on the list said :

We have news that Iraq is ready to boost their production by 
900 million barrels PER DAY. Link:

If you click on the link you'll see that it's actually 900 THOUSAND barrels a day.  Currently their production is around 2.8 million barrels a day, so this would put them at around 3.7 million barrels a day, not 902.8 million barrels a day.  

You might recall last year Adam posted his calculations on how Iraq would probably RV to around a dime, and in his math he got millions, billions, and trillions all mixed up.  When he was called on it he acted like it was no big deal because what was really important was the overall message he was trying to convey.  He'll probably say something similar this time when he issues a clarification, but it's becoming painfully obvious that the man can't do basic math which is surprising since he claims to be a Harvard graduate.  Equally surprising is that people will pay the man hundreds or even thousands of dollars for investment advice when he is apparently so careless with his calculations.  

Chapter 7 Sanctions

4-26-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Chapter 7...I'll explain it like this. Iraq has a military. They are simply restricted in what they can do with that military due to the final Chapter 7 sanctions. One majorly important fact is that they can not use Nukes. You might initially think "So what? That's a good thing, nobody should use nukes!" but to put everything in "real world" perspective, if they RV their currency, settle the HCL issue, and recapture some of their former wealth and Iran decides "hey, I'll take that!"... what does Iraq do? If Iran pointed a nuke at Iraq and swooped in, Iraq would be taking a knife to a gunfight. It is REALLY that simple. Chapter 7 must be released in order for Iraq to successfully revalue their currency. End of story. ["continued in post 5...stay tuned"]

You will see in the article that these sanctions have already been lifted back in 2010 which is further proof that Adam Montana's intel comes from the thalamus and neocortex areas of his brain.  In other words, he just makes crap up.

School time with Sam I Am

So Dinar Douchebags is one of my most favorite sites.  Sam I Am has a ton of info on all of the gurus, but his responses to Adam Montana posts brighten my day.  Enjoy!

On Wednesday Adam Montana served up this jewel:

[Adam Montana] let me make ONE point. Wealth cannot simply "disappear", it can only change hands
[Adam Montana] Iraq was once a VERY wealthy country, with a currency valued at 3X the USD
[Adam Montana] now, you'll hear the l0psters talking about M2, they say you can't simply revalue the currency and gain money, etc etc.... the same goes for DEvaluing the currency. It does not matter how many 0's they have on their bills, it doesn't matter if there's 16 gazillion of these Dinars in circulation, because the notion that their wealth simply "disappeared" 8 years ago is a complete sham
[Adam Montana] it didn't disappear. Iraq still has the same wealth that they did in the past, it's just hidden behind a ridiculously undervalued currency
[Adam Montana] UNDERVALUED. When they FIX that value, the wealth doesn't magically reappear, it is simply re-RECOGNIZED

OMG!!! Where to begin?  Iraq was never a wealthy country.  They had a valuable currency, that's true.  But their people were always poor for the most part and their GDP was never terribly impressive.  During the 1970s they experienced a booming economy, but once Saddam took over the reins in 1979 and plunged them into the war with Iran that ended.  The sanctions imposed after Desert Storm led to further economic decay.

Iraq - GDP Per Capita 1950-2008

Wealth disappears all the time.  It's called supply and demand.  Every bear market on Wall Street ends in a reduction of wealth.  Conversely every bull market brings an increase in wealth.  When Iraq's currency depreciated after Desert Storm the demand for their currency declined, so a certain amount of wealth was lost.  By the way, the dinar was valued at 3000 dinar to 1 USD back in 1995, Adam .... 17 years ago instead of 8.  So you're right I suppose.  The notion that Iraq's wealth suddenly disappeared 8 years ago (something the pumpers like to assert when they try to convince you that it can suddenly reappear) is a sham because it didn't happen.  It declined as a result of the sanctions imposed after Desert Storm (and massive government printing) rather than suddenly disappearing as a result of the invasion in 2003 as you stated.   

Following your logic every country with an abundance of natural resources (Venezuela and Brazil, for example) that suffers from hyperinflation ends up with an "undervalued" currency.  Why don't they just "FIX" that value so that it can be "re-recognized" rather than re-denominate as Venezuela and Brazil did?  Because you can't, Adam.  No more than you can "unscramble" an egg.  In order to fix the value of the IQD you would have to undo the last 22 years of Iraq's history.  Undo Desert Storm.  Undo the sanctions.  Undo Saddam's massive printing of currency.  Undo the Oil for Food program.  Undo Iraqi Freedom.  Undo the insurgency.  Unless somebody comes up with a time machine that ain't gonna happen.

The dinar's value didn't disappear overnight because of some plot by Dick Cheney and the global elite to steal Iraq's wealth.  It depreciated because of the events that unfolded just like Japan, Germany, and Vietnam's currencies did.  None of those countries "fixed" their currency's value with an RV and Iraq won't either.   

By the way, Iraq's currency was never "devalued" as you stated.  Look up the word and you'll see that it's a policy driven reduction in a currency's value.  The dinar's value was driven down by market forces (depreciation), not "devalued" by the CBI.  Geez, I thought you went to Harvard.

And then this from Adam on Thursday:

Iraq has already overcame 99.9% of the hurdles that they needed to get over.   (Has overcame, huh?  Nice grammar there, Mr. Harvard grad.)  They've accomplished what they need to accomplish, and it's now "poop or get off the pot" this time we're looking for the SAME THINGS AS LAST WEEK: (And every other week for the past year) HCL, Chapter 7, RV. It's really that simple. I'm still sticking to my "now to September" timeline.   (As opposed to your "RV by Thanksgiving" timeline from last year?)



I am soooo smart!

This is a post from erin4 over at

This was posted by Adam Montana on Dinar Speculation 04/08/2011

"I studied for and passed the Series 65 (Registered Investment Adviser exam, arguably the hardest financial exam out there).
I have developed relationships with major companies in the US, Iraq, Singapore, and really all over the world that will allow my VIP group, my family, and I to take advantage of Post RV Investments.Some of those will benefit us by deferring taxes, some will benefit by producing long term guaranteed income, and some will benefit us simply by using the Iraqi Dinar RV as a springboard to triple our gains! If that’s something you’re interested in – Join VIP. There’s no better way to maximize your investment than this, and that’s the bottom line"
Adam Montana

The series 65 exam is considered by all financial advisers to be the easiest test. The series 7 is the actual brokers license that is a the most difficult test. Look closely at the pattern of lies James "Adam Montana" Wolf establishes in order to gain the trust of naive investors. Recently a member in Dinar Vets legally contacted the The Central Registration Depository (CRD) maintained by NASD. This is the entity that records the series 65 licenses They searched records from 1/1/2010 to 1/1/2012 (Adam Montana"James Wolf" made this claim on 04/08/2011) James Wolf as well as Adam Montana's name did not exist in any of their records. When this individual contacted Montana on DV about this, they were banned immediately. This is a case of fraud that all VIP members should be aware of as well as anyone who purchased his book.

Who is Adam Montana?

Who is Adam Montana?  Well, Adam Montana claims to be a Harvard grad, a Series 65 licensed investment adviser, and an experienced currency investor who made out like a midget in a limbo tournament on the Kuwaiti Dinar RV.  Mr. Montana has made quite a name for himself in dinar land, not only for his stellar credentials, but for being a more intelligent and down to earth guru.  While other gurus are talking about rates ranging anywhere from $3 to $42, Adam believes the real rate will come in around 10 cents.  Many of us believe that it is this calculated contrast that makes Adam Montana appear to be the more intelligent, no nonsense kind of guy.  We also believe that it makes him one of the most dangerous gurus.  You see, Adam doesn't just offer his opinions on the Iraqi Dinar, he offers a VIP membership at his website Dinar Vets, cost of $200 per year, and he offers a book on the Iraqi Dinar which is priced at $30.  It is also suspected that he makes money from the dinar dealers that advertise on his website.  OK, so what's the big deal, what's wrong with people making money?  Nothing, I'm all for people making money.  The problem with Adam Montana making money is that he's lying to people about who he is.  Would you see a doctor who lied about going to medical school when in reality they did not?  Doubtful.  Most all of Adam Montana's success is a result of him being who he says he is.  So who is he?  I have to give credit to my friend over at Dinar Douchebags, Sam I Am, for uncovering the truth about Adam Montana.  I will post all of Sam's links below so you can learn everything you need to know about Mr. Montana and who he really is.  The purpose of this blog is to take Adam Montana's posts and shed light on the absurdity of what he says.  Enjoy!

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