Monday, May 21, 2012

Fuzzy math, again

Sam I Am just owns this guy!

5-17-2012  Adam Montana - If they don't plan on raising the value - why would they change anything?! If they l0p, they lose money. Without a raise in value, they shouldn't redenominate. Since they plan on redenominating, they must be planning on raising the value to cover the expenses of said redenomination, and when the value raises - WE make money. This is and always will be one of my main reasons and arguments for staying the course.

Okay I know you're a Harvard grad and all, but I've seen your math in the past so I know you're not too good in this area.  Allow me.  They've got 30 trillion dinar, right?  And the cost of a redenomination is $150 million?  So if they raise the value by $.000005 that will pay for the RD.  (An equivalent amount post-RD would be $.005.) 

x               $.000005

So we make money on an RV of $.000005? Dude that won't even fill up my gas tank let alone cover the spread on my dinar purchases.


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