Monday, May 21, 2012

Who is Adam Montana?

Who is Adam Montana?  Well, Adam Montana claims to be a Harvard grad, a Series 65 licensed investment adviser, and an experienced currency investor who made out like a midget in a limbo tournament on the Kuwaiti Dinar RV.  Mr. Montana has made quite a name for himself in dinar land, not only for his stellar credentials, but for being a more intelligent and down to earth guru.  While other gurus are talking about rates ranging anywhere from $3 to $42, Adam believes the real rate will come in around 10 cents.  Many of us believe that it is this calculated contrast that makes Adam Montana appear to be the more intelligent, no nonsense kind of guy.  We also believe that it makes him one of the most dangerous gurus.  You see, Adam doesn't just offer his opinions on the Iraqi Dinar, he offers a VIP membership at his website Dinar Vets, cost of $200 per year, and he offers a book on the Iraqi Dinar which is priced at $30.  It is also suspected that he makes money from the dinar dealers that advertise on his website.  OK, so what's the big deal, what's wrong with people making money?  Nothing, I'm all for people making money.  The problem with Adam Montana making money is that he's lying to people about who he is.  Would you see a doctor who lied about going to medical school when in reality they did not?  Doubtful.  Most all of Adam Montana's success is a result of him being who he says he is.  So who is he?  I have to give credit to my friend over at Dinar Douchebags, Sam I Am, for uncovering the truth about Adam Montana.  I will post all of Sam's links below so you can learn everything you need to know about Mr. Montana and who he really is.  The purpose of this blog is to take Adam Montana's posts and shed light on the absurdity of what he says.  Enjoy!

The Montana Trail (part 1)
The Montana Trail (part 2)
The Montana Trail (part 3)
The Montana Trail (part 4) 
Adam Montana Speaks

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