Saturday, May 26, 2012

Silly rabbits

5-24-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  some l0psters...say "it sounds like you're saying all Iraqis will be making $300,000 per year suddenly! That's silly!".   No, that's not what we are saying or even thinking. We understand that a janitor will not be making $200,000 per year after a major raise in the value. The CASH IN THEIR POCKET would be worth more, but once that is gone they are going to be receiving regular paychecks at the adjusted rate and they will be receiving the redenominated notes as change when they buy something like bread or meat.   ["continued in post 7...stay tuned"]

I'm guessing the above post is in response to Adam Montana realizing that he's a bumbling moron for making the following post that only a bumbling moron would make (also addressed HERE on this blog):

5-17-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana "PM Maliki given 2 weeks to implement Erbil agreement"...That two weeks is almost we're going to see how serious Barzani, Allawi, al-Nujafi, and Talabani are. HCL is VERY important to an RV! And last but not least, the Tariff discussion... if the Iraqi peoples are going to remain in poverty ($3000 average income per year, why would Iraq worry about tariffs? A tariff is a tax (government revenue) on an import or export. In all likelihood, this "tariff" issue is designed to tax imports, which not many Iraqis can currently afford. If the value of the currency raises, they will be buying goods, and they will be paying the tariffs. ["continued in post 3...stay tuned"]

Oh OK, so it's the "CASH IN THEIR POCKET" that will bring them out of poverty.  So what about the tariffs? How will they be able to afford the tariffs once the "CASH IN THEIR POCKETS" is gone? 

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