Monday, May 21, 2012

Mathematics has never been one of Harvard's strong suits

Here's another post from Sam I Am at Dinar Douchebags

LOL!!!  I just got an email from Adam listing all of the positive developments in Iraq over the past year.  #5 on the list said :

We have news that Iraq is ready to boost their production by 
900 million barrels PER DAY. Link:

If you click on the link you'll see that it's actually 900 THOUSAND barrels a day.  Currently their production is around 2.8 million barrels a day, so this would put them at around 3.7 million barrels a day, not 902.8 million barrels a day.  

You might recall last year Adam posted his calculations on how Iraq would probably RV to around a dime, and in his math he got millions, billions, and trillions all mixed up.  When he was called on it he acted like it was no big deal because what was really important was the overall message he was trying to convey.  He'll probably say something similar this time when he issues a clarification, but it's becoming painfully obvious that the man can't do basic math which is surprising since he claims to be a Harvard graduate.  Equally surprising is that people will pay the man hundreds or even thousands of dollars for investment advice when he is apparently so careless with his calculations.  

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