Monday, May 21, 2012

Scam Alert!!

5-18-2012 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Myth - The Dinar is a Scam: we are talking about the current actual currency of a foreign nation. This foreign nation has gajillions of dollars of potential based on their current economic growth, political progress, and natural resources. This currency, the Iraqi Dinar, has gone up in value since it dramatically crashed, and in all likelihood will continue to do so. In fact, it has the potential to dramatically increase in value! The Iraqi Dinar may not increase 1000% overnight, but in my's going to keep going up. More importantly...I like the potential to not only make good money, but to make a LOT of good money. It's like having a lottery ticket that never expires! Summary - the Dinar is not a scam, it is a currency. If you hold authentic notes, you have not been "scammed".

Gajullions of dollars huh?  Political progress?  Aren't they about to throw out the prime minister?  Some are even suggesting that he is pushing them into a civil war.  Yeah, sounds stable to me.  And natural resources?  OK, they have oil, and uhhhhhh.......sand?  Here's a better question for you. Why don't you mention all of the money you made with the Kuwaiti RV to back up your point? Why not mention all of your experience as a financial adviser, or your Harvard education to back up your point? I love all of your "in my opinion", and "it has potential" crap, as if that's somehow going to exonerate you from any wrong doing. Douchebag



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