Thursday, June 14, 2012

I hate camping

6-14-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    if you've been in this investment for over a year, you'll know that we have an important holiday coming up...Ramadan.  I say this every year...NOTHING gets done during Ramadan...if we don't see the RV before Ramadan, you can all pack your bags and go on a camping trip for a month because it will NOT happen during Ramadan...this year Thursday July 19 - Saturday August 18. They have said that they planned to release a new currency in September of this year, so that gives us about 5 weeks between now and Ramadan, and almost 2 weeks after Ramadan to in my opinion, we are sitting right on top of two very good windows of potential.   ["continued in post 4...stay tuned"]

Here we go again.  Another event the gurus can use to pump the dinar a little more than usual.  I'm surprised to not see any mention of Ch.7 or HCL.  I at least hoped Adam would inform us that nothing has changed since his last post 5 minutes ago.  Quick question, or two.  What happens when Iraq releases a new currency this September?  Not one single American bank is trading Dinars right now so how are we supposed to exchange our notes for the new notes?  Do we use the dinar dealer advertised on your website?  Are they going to smoke me on the trade like they did on my initial purchase?  Will they even make the trade?  What if Iraq doesn't allow any currency to be brought into the country?  Wouldn't Iraq make a ton of money if they simply printed a new currency with no intentions of ever honoring the notes held by overseas investors, particularly Americans who just ravaged their country for almost a decade?  Are these questions answered with a VIP membership?


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