Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Oracle

 6-7-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  I don't think Maliki will be given that long, and I think Shabibi will come back into the limelight again before September. So - I don't think it will go to 2013.  In my opinion, I am pretty confident in the "now to September" timeline. I could be way off, it might take another 10 years. [10 years?  I Hope you're kidding A. M. ; ( ]

OK, a lot of "thinking" going on in this post which is unusual for Adam Montana, and even more unusual for his followers.  So lets break down this piece of editorial brilliance.  Predicting that the head honcho of the Central Bank of Iraq is going to get some air time before September is like predicting that the winner of the next midget tossing contest will be the midget who gets tossed the farthest.  Thanks for the tip Miss Cleo.  And how in the world that relates to the RV happening before 2013 is beyond me.  I don't  think there's even any point in making a sarcastic joke about the absurdity of that statement.  You're on the "now to September" timeline?  What, are you a cable company?  And no, Adam is not kidding about the 10 year statement, and I must admit, this is a pretty intelligent statement on his part (it's more likely the intelligence of the statement was an accident rather than it being carefully crafted).  The only way investors make money is if the value of the dinar rises slowly over a period of years, a lot of years.  Adam Montana knows this.  In my opinion this statement is meant for two things.  First, to absolve Adam from any wrong doing.  It's in his own words folks.  He admitted that this could take another 10 years.  Second, it conditions his VIP subscribers to not rule out the possibility that this could take years and not months to pay out, thus keeping a high retention rate for subscribers.

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