Thursday, June 14, 2012

American pie

6-14-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   the article that says they have enough signatures was a pre-emptive release from the Kurds side...they may have had 170 promises, but when it came down to it they only ended up with 160 signatures, promises don't get the job done...they didn't end up with enough to boot Maliki could it still happen? Yes, but...I don't think it's going to happen. The country is split too equally, and Maliki has enough fingers in enough pies to swing the votes his way time and time again.   ["continued in post 5..stay tuned"]

OK, so what he's talking about here is the GOI getting enough signatures to oust Maliki which can be deducted from reading a couple of articles.  Any idiot can read articles.  What I want to know is why you think it won't happen, what evidence do you have of the country being split equally, and how do you know how many "pies" Maliki has his fingers in?  Really, how do you know these things?  Are you privy to articles that I am not?  Am I just supposed to believe some super secret source told you so?   It absolutely blows my mind that people actually pay for this crap.

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