Friday, June 22, 2012

Lunch is for wimps

6-21-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  Since we know the CBI plans to introduce the new currency in or around January, and we know they can't have a significant RV until they are out of Chapter 7, and we know they need a little time to resolve the HCL...doesn't it seem like everything is falling in place right at the same time? Personally, I don't believe in "coincidences" like these. It seems to be very well orchestrated, and gives me hope that things are indeed moving forward as planned.

What exactly is falling into place, Adam, and what "coincidences" are you referring to, and why is coincidences in quotations?  The only thing that's well orchestrated is your website and the promotion of your worthless book and VIP membership.  I would love to see what kind of money is being generated from that stuff.  But seriously, what "things" are moving forward?  Iraq hasn't said one word about HCL or Ch. 7, and you would think that if they need to get HCL and Ch.7 resolved before a major monetary policy could take place then it would be all over the news.  Why doesn't one single article that has anything to do with printing the new currency, implementing the new currency, deleting the zeros, adding value to the dinar, or making the dinar equal to a dollar not mention the HCL or Ch.7?  In fact, the only person who ever brings up HCL and Ch.7 is you!  Maybe it would help if you Skype Maliki and Shabibi and told them they need to get to work on HCL and Ch.7 because we're tired of waiting on the RV.  You could do that right after you get done advising Obama on how to fix the economy.

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