Saturday, June 23, 2012

Captain Obvious

6-23-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   to put things in perspective for you - "RV" stands for "Re Value", which is a term used mostly by investors like us. We don't expect Iraq to announce a potential "RV", so the most we can expect them to say is "increase the value"... which they do say, and they say it frequently.

Thanks for clearing that up Adam! (Geez, how stupid are your followers?)  I know I'll sleep better tonight.  Can you help me with one other thing though?  What does "douchebag" stand for?  Why can't we expect Iraq to announce the RV?  Why hide behind the phrase "increase in value"?  Is Iraq trying to keep the RV hidden from the world and we just happen to be lucky enough to know about it?  If people haven't figured out by now that Adam Montana is full of waste then they never will.  Iraq has said it will increase the value of the dinar, but it's not going to be an RV that does it.  They're going to delete the zeros, print a new currency, and raise the value of the new dinar as close to the dollar as they can, or in simpler terms, LOP.  And no, I don't mean the kind of LOP that describes Adam Montana.


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    1. Oh yeah, you want to make sure you buy from an experienced company, for sure. That way, when the currency becomes utterly worthless (which it pretty much is already), you'll at least know you have authentic bills. We've been hearing about the impending RV for over 10 years now. Every weekend and every Tuesday it's all but a sure thing. Yet week after week and year after year, nothing happens. Go back and look at all the top Dinar sites, research what they've been saying for years. All of the self proclaimed "gurus" have been wrong on 100% of the predictions they've made, but yeah, go ahead and take their financial advice. And go ahead and invest in the currency of a war torn country in which ISIS is taking over. Joseph C. Bartlett up here is nothing more than one of these scamming douchebags...taking people's hard earned money for an investment that will never pan out, an investment that's an economic impossibility. But hey, what do I know....I'm just a guy who bought Dinar over 3 years ago, and I'm still waiting on that elusive ROI.