Saturday, June 9, 2012


6-8-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The more pressure Maliki is under, the more likely he is to finally stick his neck out and force some movement in the GOI and/or Arbil-Erbil-Irbil, the closer we are to resolution on the HCL.

At least the "move" in "movement" isn't in all caps.  There's a step in the right direction, Adam.  I guess the more three letter acronyms a person uses the more intelligent they sound.  I can see how the typical Adam Montana follower may succumb to this line of reasoning, but for those of us who actually use our brain it proves just how full of it Adam Montana is.  I've done some research on the HCL and Arbil-Erbil-Irbil, and nowhere does it say anything about an RV in the research.  Check it out for yourself.  The gurus love to point out all of the "delete the zeros" articles, which they interpret as the beginning stages or precursor to the RV, or the RV itself.  If that's so then why don't these articles mention the Erbil agreement, or the HCL?  Why are the gurus the only people bringing these things up?  They don't mention them because they don't have anything to do with the RV or the RD or the dropping of the zeros.  The Ebril agreement and the HCL are just Iraqi political issues that the gurus, and Adam Montana, toss around in hopes of appearing more intelligent than they are.

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