Friday, June 22, 2012

Keep the change

6-21-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   while we all want to make a TON of money - none of us should be mad if we only triple our investment.  In my opinion, the value of the Dinar is going to keep going up. The only unknown is "how far up?" Based on that, it seems to me that the only way one can lose money on the IQD is to sell it now, at a price lower than what you paid for it.

Triple our investment!!!!!!???  How many of you guys got into this because your friends and the douchebag gurus told you that you could triple your money?  I know I didn't.  So in your opinion the value of the dinar will go up?  Well that would mean something if your opinion was worth more than 1,166 dinars.  Now, if you came to me and told me how to run a porn site, or how to set up a VIP membership scam service with a merchant account then we could talk.  When I'm in the market for either I'll let you know.  The only way we could lose money is by selling now?  I officially retract the statement of your opinion being worth 1,166 dinars.  Can you break a 250?

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