Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't be such a borrico

6-15-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  I'm not placing any bets on this particular UN meeting, from what I've been told they aren't prepared to settle the big issues.  I think we are still a few weeks out after this next meeting,  however... I will be happy to be proven wrong! They have been working towards a resolution of HCL and Chapter 7 for years and getting closer all the time.    ["continued in post 7...stay tuned"]

Adam Montana knowing the agenda for the next UN meeting is equivalent to the protagonist of the Tijuana donkey show knowing the intricacies of the British monarchy.  Very doubtful. And we know they've been working towards a resolution for Ch.7 and HCL because you tell us that in EVERY POST!!!  Suggestion, don't mention HCL or Ch.7 until something changes with HCL or Ch.7.  I could be wrong (and probably am) but I don't think even your mindless followers need to be reminded 5 times a week that nothing has changed with HCL or Ch.7.  Good grief!

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