Thursday, June 21, 2012

Don't ask the right questions

6-20-2012  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The CBI is...reporting that when the new denominations come out, they plan to let them co-exist for a full year, and they are blatantly telling us that they plan to increase the value at the same time.  I have always kind of thought we would only get about 90 days to cash in (like Kuwait did several times), but if we get a full year - even better!

What do you know, another Adam Montana prediction down the drain.  In what other fields of expertise, other than a weather forecaster, does one get paid to be wrong 99% of the time?  The only thing that's blatant is just how full of it you really are.  Of course they've been telling us the plan is to increase the value, and of course the new denominations will co-exist for a somewhat lengthy period of time. That's how LOP's work Mr. Buffet.  Here are my questions which I have already addressed in a previous post.  How can we be certain that we will be able to exchange our old notes for the new notes?  Not one single bank is trading dinars right now, and can you guarantee me that they will be once this whole process starts?  If I decide to travel to Iraq to exchange them myself will they even allow me to enter the country with millions of dinars?  All we hear from Adam Montana and the gurus is how we're all going to make tons of money.  The only problem is none of them are telling us how.

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